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Our Summer School in Sydney is a unique opportunity for you to live and study in the highest ranked university in Australia for graduate employability.

Sydney Summer School

Welcome to the Sydney Summer School Programme at the University of Sydney, tailored for individuals aged 13-18, presenting an enriching and one-of-a-kind educational journey. Embark on a voyage where young learners can delve into a diverse array of subjects and fully immerse themselves in the dynamic academic environment of the University of Sydney.

Program Information Session (Webinar) - 4th June 2024

NIE Will be hosting a program information session on Tuesday 4th June at 7 pm (AEST). This is a great opportunity to find out more about the program and have your questions answered. Join us by registering for the session here...

What is Sydney Summer School?

Step into the heart of our Sydney Summer programmes, thoughtfully designed to provide a taste of university life, all while studying amidst the iconic campuses that define this vibrant city. We offer students exceptional instruction, sparking curiosity through interactive workshops and personalised mentorship.

Beyond academics, these programmes encompass social and cultural experiences, allowing students to forge global connections and create lasting memories. The Immerse Education Sydney summer programme aims to ignite intellectual curiosity, nurture personal growth, and equip students for their academic and professional journeys.

Why Sydney?

The academic content is meticulously tailored to align with individual interests and talents. Each participant is encouraged to explore their potential fully. Immerse goes beyond traditional summer programmes; we focus on academically rigorous courses within the captivating backdrop of Sydney's unique charm.

Subjects in Sydney

5 - 15 January 2025
(11-Day residential program)

Immerse Education tutors from the world-leading university of Oxford and Cambridge will support students in forming a strong foundational knowledge, understanding, and skillset within their field of interest. Students will uncover their academic potential, by choosing from the below subjects. You will also find information about the programs via faculty-specific pages below: 

College of Sydney University for Your Programme

Living on the University of Sydney's campuses offers a unique experience. Each campus has a distinct history and stunning architecture that captures the essence of the city. Discover more about the locations where the Immerse Sydney Summer programs take place.

Dates & Fees

  • 5 - 15th of January 2025
    (Enrolments are OPEN)

  • $11,490 Early Bird Special $10,490 (All inclusive 11 days)
    - OR -

  • $7,690 Early Bird Special $6,690  (Day-only model)
    Includes: all academic sessions, weekday day-events as well as evening social activities and dinner. Attendees will need to be off the campus by 9.30 pm
    Does not include: Weekends, weekend activities and excursions,  accommodation, or breakfast.

What Do Our Alumni Say About Immerse?

Hear from some previous participants who took part in an Immerse programme.

The Immerse Education programme is a useful experience for both learning and personal career. I learned a lot, met new people, understood new concepts and most importantly I enjoyed it one hundred percent. You get an overview of many topics and realise the world behind what you don’t know about. In my opinion, this was the best choice I could ever make at this age.

Anna K

Current undergraduate of the Imperial College London

Live the Life of a Student in Sydney

Connect with our Sydney mentor families, made up of current University of Sydney students who come together to provide a genuine glimpse into student life in Sydney. The activities planned during your Sydney summer program journey are often tailored to match the interests of your mentor family group, giving you plenty of chances to fully explore the landmarks and locations you're most eager to see up close.

Meet some of our Qualified Tutors

An example of the academic tutors who have previously worked on our programmes.

Pramit Saha

Pramit Saha is a DPhil (PhD) participant at the Department of Engineering Science and Christ Church College at the University of Oxford, UK.
Our tutors are exceptionally qualified, with training from Oxbridge institutions. Each tutor is certified by Immerse to guarantee that participants receive top-tier education. At the core of our programs, these tutors are committed to offering guidance, support, and constructive feedback, helping participants reach their academic goals. Learn more about our expert tutors.

Activities in Sydney

Worried that your days will be filled with nothing but study, leaving no time to explore or socialise? Don't worry. We excel at making sure you have a fantastic experience, complete with engaging lessons, interactive workshops, and plenty of social activities and explorations. You won’t leave Sydney without experiencing a tour of the city’s best spots and learning about its culture, history, and must-see sights.

Throughout your Sydney summer school experience, you'll have ample opportunities to visit Sydney's major attractions and participate in a variety of fulfilling activities with your peers, ensuring your days are filled with joy and memorable moments.

Programmes in Sydney

Key Facts

  • A well-structured and proven programme also taught in Oxford and Cambridge

  • St Pauls College - University of Sydney college accommodation

  • All meals included 

  • 35 hours of tuition over 10 days
  • Small class sizes

  • 1:1 tutorials with expert tutors
  • Interactive workshops
  • Social and cultural programme to explore Sydney
  • Individual end-of-course feedback
  • Individual letter of recommendation and certificate of completion

Program Fees

For fees, please visit the specific faculty page.  


Who can attend the Sydney Summer School?

Our Sydney summer programmes are open to high school students worldwide, typically aged 13-18 years old, who are looking to deepen their knowledge in their chosen field and experience university life at Sydney.

What courses are avaliable at the Sydney Summer School?

In Sydney, Immerse Education offers programmes for students aged 13-15 and 16-18 in several subjects.

Available courses include Business Management, Creative Writing, Engineering, International Relations, Medicine, Psychology, and Veterinary Studies. These programmes are meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of each subject, led by expert academic tutors. Students are introduced to challenging content in a manner that is both understandable and stimulating, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience that prepares them for future academic and professional success​​.

What is the duration of the Sydney Summer Programme?

The duration of the Immerse Education programme in Sydney is 10 days. This period is meticulously planned to offer students a comprehensive and immersive educational experience, allowing them to delve deep into their chosen subjects while also enjoying the enriching social and cultural opportunities Sydney has to offer

Where will I stay during the programme?

During the Sydney programme with Immerse Education, you will stay at St. Paul’s College, which is part of the University of Sydney. This historic and inspiring location offers students a unique insight into living and studying at a world-leading institution, providing a conducive environment for both academic and personal growth. Staying at St. Paul’s College, participants will experience the vibrant campus life of the University of Sydney, enhancing their overall educational journey

How do I apply for Immerse Education's Sydney Summer School?

To apply for the Sydney Summer School with Immerse Education, you should visit the Immerse Education website at and complete the participant information form provided there.

A deposit is required at the point of enrolment to secure your place in the programme. This process ensures that your application is considered, and once you receive a formal confirmation of enrolment from Immerse Education, your spot in the programme will be confirmed. It’s important to enrol early, as places on the programmes are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and class sizes are capped to maintain a high-quality learning environment​​.

Are there any scholarships available for the Sydney Summer School?

The Immerse Education Essay Competition invites students aged 13-18 worldwide to submit essays on a range of topics for a chance to win scholarships. These scholarships cover 100% of the fees for summer school programmes at prestigious locations such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Sydney. The competition includes a wide array of subjects, offering something for every interested student.

10 winners receive full 100% scholarships, with selected runners-up being awarded partial scholarships of up to 50%

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