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Future Doctors Australia

Gaining medical work experience is essential for young people considering a career in medicine.

4-Day program for ages 14 to 18

Gaining medical work experience is essential for young people considering a career in medicine. It provides insight into the field, helps develop skills and attributes, and provides networking opportunities. However, obtaining medical work experience can be challenging due to various restrictions such as limited opportunities, safety concerns, and confidentiality issues.

That's why NIE has developed the "Future Doctors Australia" program. It is an engaging and high-impact 4-day program that provides young people with a unique opportunity to gain medical work experience in a safe and structured environment. Participants will have the opportunity to spend time with current junior and senior medical students. They will also have the rare opportunity to spend time with more senior clinicians and various medical specialists. You will get to learn about clinical's specialist's relevant fields of work, ask them questions, and learn some hands-on skills from them. 

The program includes:

Day 1 Building Foundations and Connections

Meet with current medical students and JMOs. Hear about their journeys and experiences to learn from those who are currently studying or practicing medicine and gain insights into the path ahead. You will also take part in various social activities focused on team building, presentation skills, and making new friends. 

Day 2 Exploring Specialisations

Spend the day with two different medical specialists. Find out and learn about their specialties through practical learning activities. For example, one of the specialists could be a pediatrician and you would learn about the different stages of child development and common pediatric illnesses.

Day 3 Broadening Horizons

Meet two more medical specialists from various fields. This provides students with a broad overview of the different areas of medicine and helps them make informed decisions about their future career paths. NIE's vast network of medical specialists includes Cardiologists, Gastroenterologists, Nephrologists, Otolaryngologists, Pediatricians, Neurologists, Obstetricians, and many more. 

Day 4 Mastering and Celebrating Achievements

A look into the admission process - Advanced communication skills and Graduation. This day provides students with valuable information about the medical school admission process and teaches them some important soft-skills to help them succeed in their future studies. The day will be concluded with a graduation ceremony, where you will be awarded a program completion certificate.

Program Dates and Locations: 

In consideration of the diverse geographical origins of our attendees participating in the Future Doctors Australia program, Our foremost priority in venue selection was to ensure that the duration of each program would be held either within the same venue or in close proximity to one another.

This deliberate choice aims to optimize the logistical aspects of the program, minimizing travel time and maximizing valuable engagement opportunities for our attendees. Furthermore, we have meticulously chosen centralized venues that are in close proximity to public transportation facilities, shops, and, of equal importance, a wide range of accommodation options. This thoughtful consideration of venue locations aims to provide the utmost convenience and accessibility, allowing our attendees to focus on the enriching program content and networking opportunities without unnecessary concerns about travel arrangements and accommodation logistics.

Sydney: 18 to 21st July 2024 (Chatswood)

Melbourne: 27 to 30th of September 2024 (Carlton)

Sydney: 10 to 13th October 2024 (Chatswood)

Brisbane: 14 to 17th of December 2024 (Taringa)

  • For ages 14 to 18

  • 4-Day Intensive Program

  • Over 15 hours of face-2-face interaction with leading specialists and clinicians.

  • Meet current medical students 

  • Develop advanced communication and team working skills 

  • Create new friendships with likeminded highly driven young individuals 

  • Learn about the admission process into various medical Universities in Australia

  • Morning tea and lunch included

2024 Dates: 

Sydney  18th - 21st Jul 24 (80% Full) 
Melbourne 27th - 30th Sep 24 (35% Full)
Sydney  10th - 13th Oct 24 (37% Full) 
Brisbane  14th - 17th Dec 24 (30% Full)

Note: If you have missed out on a workshop and would like to find out about future dates or other opportunities, please contact the program director on 0412 439 115 to discuss your inquiry. 

With NIE's years of experience in the industry and wide network of medical professionals, this program offers an unparalleled opportunity for young people to gain an inside view of life as a doctor in order to help them explore their passion for medicine. Thereby, gaining valuable knowledge and skills that can help them succeed in a future career in medicine. 

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